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Come be part of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in Edmonton!

About Us

Our Team


Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to continuing the enrichment of our awesome community!

Our History


We've consistently grown since then, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community!

Our Goals


To make everyone feel welcome, to grow and thrive as individuals and as a community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Charitable Organization?

" A registered charity is a type of nonprofit that has exclusively charitable goals. If an organization has exclusively charitable goals, it must be registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  A Charity is an organization that is set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.

 At common law, the Canadian Charity organization must operate exclusively for Charitable purposes.

It must meet the 'Public Benefit Test', that is the benefit must be provided to the public or a sufficient section of the public. The Charity cannot exist solely for the benefit of its members, the Board, certain class of people, and must serve the Community as a whole."

EAD has been registered with the CRA as a Charity since 1997.

EAD is registered as a Charity with CRA, what does that mean?

EAD must follow and carry out its charitable goals (Objectives) as approved and mandated by the CRA.  EAD must support and be open to all individuals of all ages in Edmonton, particularly towards the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Our Objectives are listed on this website.

 EAD can also accept donations and issue donation receipts. EAD can also make donations and contributions to other approved donees -which mean they need to be charities registered with the CRA, along with charitable purposes that are streamlined with ours. 

Is EAD exclusive to only Edmonton, Alberta?

Yes, as our EAD Objectives & Bylaws state that the operation of the society is to be chiefly carried out in the City of Edmonton in the Province of Alberta. This means we cannot operate outside of Edmonton (including making donations or contributions towards Clubs/Organizations operating at a Provincial or National Level, those with Objectives not streamlined with ours, etc). There is a wide variety of Organizations that can assist in Province-wide or National-wide activities, events, or exclusive groups/interests and more. 

Several examples are the Alberta Association of the Deaf (AAD), Canada Association of the Deaf (CAD), Alberta Deaf Sports Association (ADSA), Alberta Society of the Deaf Blind (ASDB), and Alberta Cultural Society of the Deaf (ACSD).

Where can I go to get all the information I need about what EAD can/cannot do as a Charity?

EAD has discussed with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), specifically through the Charities Directorate as well as with the Alberta Gaming, Liquor, Cannabis (AGLC) where EAD gets Charitable Gaming funds through Bingo, Casnio and Community Bingo.

 You can find ASL and English Transcripts here:  (CRA Conversation-March 5, 2019)-copy/paste to your browser or direct click. (CRA Conversation-March 6, 2019)-copy/paste to your browser or direct click. (AGLC Correspondence-Emails)-copy/paste to your browser or direct click.

You can also go to the CRA Website: 

You can also go to the AGLC Website:

Is EAD open to everyone?

Yes, EAD as a registered Charity with the CRA must be open to everyone and of all ages, but we are particular towards the Deaf and Hard of Hearing as that is our foundation and the base of our Objectives. We have Programs (Youth and Senior) that are geared towards a specific variety of common interests but those programs are still open to everyone that is interested in being involved. EAD is about uniting the Community as a whole. 

EAD will also help direct specific exclusive inquiries towards the appropriate Clubs/Organizations (for example: such as Deaf sports inquiries, exclusive age groups, or inquiries about taking ASL classes).

Do I need to be a Member to be involved with EAD?

Yes and No,  if you choose to be a non-member, you can still attend EAD events, activities, some meetings, and  volunteer. The admission rates to events will be a flat rate that covers the cost of food, overhead expenses, etc. 

However, you as an EAD Active Member (Active members must be Deaf or Hard of Hearing) have the following benefits with EAD:
+ You are kept up-to-date with EAD events, activities, meetings, and any other relevant information. 

+ You are kept up-to-date with any Community events, activities, meetings of other Organizations and such, that are relevant to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

+You are able to attend EAD General & Special Meetings as well as to participate in debate/discussion, share your opinions. You are able to make motions and to vote on motions. 

+ You are able to become an Affiliated Member to the Alberta Association of the Deaf (AAD) as EAD is affiliated with AAD. Affiliated members have similar benefits, check with AAD to find out more.

+ You are able to have the opportunity to join the EAD Board of Directors.

+ You are able to have the opportunity to be recognized of your commitment and dedication as a Member of EAD.

*Hearing individuals can become Associate Members of EAD which have different Membership benefits*.